The Fairy Glen is on the Western side of the penninsula of Trotternish. It is at the village of Balnacnoc which translated from Gaelic is the village in the hills. It is above Uig. The Fairy Glen is much like the Quirang but in miniature.
The Fairy Glen has a road which winds around the grassy hills which have lochans (ponds) in between. The scene looks like it is from another world.


Skye has a long history involving Fairies. This is mostly connected with Dunvegan Castle. The famous Fairy Flag resides there. The Fairy Glen itself has no legends involving fairies. The location feels so unworldly that it has been given the name.


One of the hills still has its basalt topping intact. From a distance this basalt projection appears like the ruin of a castle. It has been given the name Castle Ewan.

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